Episode 3: Work Life Balance

Show Notes:

Interview with Army veteran, Alexandra Michael. Alex is currently pursuing her PhD in nursing. She’s an Army spouse, mother of two, and an endurance athlete who is a part of US Military Endurance Sports (USMES) and Wear Blue: Run to Remember. Listen in and hear her story on how she balanced career, education, parenthood, and athletics.  


Wear Blue: Run to Remember


Episode 2: Finding Your Community

Interview with Marine Corps veteran, Tom Hamilton. Tom spent 22 years in the Marine Corps, which consisted of many years in the infantry, time as Drill Instructor, and First Sergeant. His story is similar to so many others, and yet cannot be told enough. Tom was a war fighter and martial artist, but also fought many demons mentally.

Episode 1: Mental Grit

Interview with Marine Corps veteran Darth Vader.

Show Notes:

Interview with Marine Corps Veteran, Darth Vader. Darth had been active in the Marine Corps and since separating in 1995. An injury after separation cost him 22 surgeries over the years until he finally decided to have his leg amputated. Over the years he’s completed 92 Tough Mudders: 70 with two Legs, and 22 with one leg as an adaptive athlete. He completed 93 Half Marathons: 83 with two legs and 10 with one leg. He’s completed multiple triathlons with and without both legs. Completing one within 5 weeks after his amputation. A man of true character, self-awareness, drive, and the mental grit to continue to push himself. Hear his story from transition to his coming year shattering records.