Strength and Conditioning


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Strength and Conditioning workouts for athletes, are designed for specific sport, the individual, and season of training. These sessions include movement screening and assessments, stability and mobility work, drill specific work, and strength training for sport. All training is conducted in person.

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Athletic Training Services

Injury and Illness Prevention: Minimizing risk of injury by making sure clients are working in a safe environment. Trainer ensures clients are healthy and able to perform tasks properly with proper body mechanics.

Clinical Evaluation & Diagnosis: Evaluate chronic injuries, acute injuries, and problem areas. Perform an on-going evaluation to track progress of an injury or illness of each individual patient.

Treatment, Rehabilitation & Reconditioning: Trainer's goal is to return injured patients to optimal performance function and be pain free. Trainer will assess the status of patients with post-operative, acute, and chronic musculoskeletal injuries in order to identify limitations, prescribe and create therapeutic exercise and modality intervention, and help develop short and long-term goals. The trainer will develop a treatment plan specific to each individual patient. 

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